Intend Recognition


FuzzyWuzzy is an intent recognition system, that uses the Levenshtein distance to compare a given input to preset intent sentences.
It works best with a small amount of sentences.

Levenshtein distance

The Levenshtein distance describes the minimal count of characters you have to change, to transform a word into another.
In the following example the levenshtein distance is 3.
You have to change 3 characters from “Apples” to “Maple”:

  1. Apples -> Aples (erased p)
  2. Aples -> Maples (added M)
  3. Maples -> Maple (erased s)

Using FuzzyWuzzy in Rhasspy

To use Rhasspy with FuzzyWuzzy, you just have to select it in the settings or add the following to your profile:

  "intent": {
    "system": "fuzzywuzzy"

After retraining Rhasspy you should be able to recognise the intents in your sentences.ini.



What’s next?

After Node-Red handles the command, MaryTTS will give an audio feedback.